Wine and Chocolate Gift Baskets

Wine and chocolate gift baskets are a great gift for any holiday. This is a gift that is healthy as well as romantic. Also wine is a great gift that all appreciate at dinner or anytime of year. Try giving a wine and chocolate gift basket together and see the smile you get every time.

When putting together a Wine and chocolate gift basket you can enjoy the experience! it is great fun. Especially if your trying the wine and chocolate before you make your basket. This can also be a romantic time with your partner toWine and Chocolate gift basket enjoy the time tasting wine and eating great chocolate. Try spending time on the holiday seasons or making gift baskets together. I guarantee you will be surprised at the results of a night together making gifts. Having a glass of wine with some tasty bits of chocolate together while making gifts can truly be the gift. May be the time you spend making a wine and chocolate gift basket for someone else is the best gift of the season.

The Romance

There is something special about the romance of wine and chocolate. You almost envision your self sitting by a warm fire with low lighting and indulging in the moment. Especially if you have your loved one with you. That bitter sweetness of a darker chocolate and a glass of fine Merlot. I can feel the warmth of the fire on my face. See the Romance you feel when you just put your self in the moment.

The Wine

You can get all your wine from a great company called Direct Cellars. If you are looking for great wines to enjoy yourself or pass on to others this is the place to get it. They have an awesome wine of the monthWine and Chocolate gift basket club. You would not believe the quality fine wine you can receive each and every month. If you like to bring a bottle with you when you join someone for dinner or make great gift baskets for the holiday, you can be sure that  the wine you give is quality.

The best part of a wine and chocolate gift basket is  you are getting quality fine wine at a membership pricing. You literally get wines that you would never find in any store around here. If you did. you will pay 40 to 60 dollars a bottle for this kind of quality. We get them shipped to our door for an average of 20 dollars a bottle. If you like fine wine personally or  gifting wine to friends, this is a great opportunity for you.

You can receive your wine free each month if you refer 3 friends that are active monthly. That is right!!! All you have to do is find 3 friends or people interested in getting their wine at a discount or free and you get your wine free each month. The best part is you receive a $125 dollars for each friend and you make a commission on all the wine that they purchase! In other words you can enjoy free wine and get paid for it!

Direct Cellars Is A Must For Any Wine Lover

Now the Chocolate. Hershey does not do it in this case. Your chocolate should have a slightly higher dark chocolate taste. The larger contrast between sweet and bitter could clash on the pallet. So whenWine and Chocolate gift basketpairing a wine with a chocolate you want to keep the wine a little sweeter than the Chocolate. That is why Dark Chocolate is the best option to pair with wine. The slightly more bitter taste is a better pairing than a sweet milk chocolate. Below are great options for a chocolate Delivered to you. Everyone loves Fine wine with Fine Chocolate.


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