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The Bitcoin Evolution is a digital currency created and transferred based on an     open source protocol encryption network. The network is totally independent from any central authority. A Bitcoin can be transferred by a computer or a smartphone without the use of any intervening third party or intermediate financial institution. The concept was introduced in 2008 on a white paper published by a               pseudonymous programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto in what was defined as a peer-to-peer electronic payment system. The Network was turned on by Satoshi. Bitcoin Evolution can be used for payments similarly to the dollar (or other currency). Due to the mathematical characteristics of Bitcoin, it has an immense potential due to its multi-divisible properties. It enables micro values to be sent virtually at no cost. Bitcoin opens the door to many possibilities and services that have not  been imagined. 


BITCOIN  is an efficient solution when it comes to tipping or making donations over the internet. Donations can be visible to the general public. It enables a better financial solution and greater transparency for non-profit organizations. In Emergency situations, such as natural catastrophes, donations in Bitcoin arrive faster to those in need. It is extremely effective as a frictionless way of value transfer.Though there are still very few initiatives, we can already see the first crowdfunding projects related to Bitcoin pop up more frequently.

Bitcoin allows pseudonymous transactions and transfer of property and other values. Bitcoins can be stored on a computer inside special software that stores the encrypted keys, or on an online wallet provided by third parties. In both cases, Bitcoins can be sent over the Internet to anyone who has a Bitcoin address.


The p2p topology of the BITCOIN EVOLUTION network and the absence of a central management entity make it impossible for any authority, government or institution, to control the distribution and issuance of Bitcoin.

How are Bitcoins created?

For the creation of this new virtual currency an open source program connects the peers along a network built specifically for this purpose. Unlike most currencies, Bitcoin Evolution is not dependent on trust in any centralized issuer. It is ruled by an encrypted complex mathematic algorithm, which is the main building block of  the protocol. Bitcoin uses a distributed database spread across nodes of this peer-to-peer network to record transactions. Bitcoin uses encryption to provide basic security functions, such as ensuring ownership, and avoiding double spending.

Basically, all bitcoin transactions are recorded on a giant ledger shared by all the network users. The executed transaction is recorded on this public ledger when  bitcoin is used.

.  Bitcoin protocol algorithms compete to confirm the transaction by solving complex mathematical equations. The block is processed by the machines running it are rewarded for their effort. This process is widely known as Mining.

Mining Bitcoin

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This is possible because there were too few people mining it. The protocol made it to be that way. Bitcoin operates as a peer-to-peer network. This means that everyone connected to the network is helping to produce it. paper money is printed by the government. The government  dictates how it will be distributed. Bitcoin is completely decentralized. It doesn’t have any central government. Bitcoin is mined using special software to solve math problems. Miners run the software on their machines and are issued a certain amount of bitcoin in return. This provides a smart way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more people to participate. As more people participate in mining the more secure the network becomes.  

Bitcoin Evolution is completely decentralized. It doesn’t have any central government.”

Bitcoin Evolution miners are rewarded by a new batch of Bitcoins about 6 times per hour which are distributed among miners according to their utilized computing power or “hash rate”. Everyone has the opportunity to win their share while running the Bitcoin miner software program, or third party programs. Bitcoin mining is the act of creating Bitcoin. It has some similarities with gold mining. The probability of a certain user to gain a lot depends on the processing power that he contributes to the network in relation to the processing power of all the miners combined. Bitcoins generated by the batch never exceeds 50 causing the programmed value to shrink every four years until it gets to 0. The total set amount of Bitcoins produced will never exceed 21 million.

All Bitcoin Evolution Miners on the network compete for the first to find a solution to a cryptographic problem involving their candidate block, The problem requires repeated trial and error to solve. When a node finds the solution, he announces to the other nodes in the network and claims a new batch of Bitcoins. 

The Future of the Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin is going to hit critical mass and end up going mainstream? It is possible that bitcoin goes up another 10-fold or more if all these bitcoin investment business get approval?

For bitcoin insights, follow  Scutify/CodyWillard.

Bitcoin is on the front page of Marketwatch a lot lately and there’s a lot of debate about bitcoin on the Scutify BitCoin page.  But most all the comments and debates are skeptical and dubious about there being any value in bitcoin. $BITCOIN

As I noted in this week’s Revolution Investing, I’ve had bitcoin in my portfolio since earlier this year, but I don’t know anybody but me and maybe a couple of my subscribers who own any bitcoin. I don’t know anybody else who’s even considering buying bitcoin right now or ever.

Even if you’ve been a bitcoin skeptic so far, what would it take for you to change your mind? I’ve learned about bitcoin quite a bit in the past year here on Marketwatch’s The Cody Word, and you can see my BITCOIN EVOLUTION from skeptic to buyer. Maybe I’m nuts, but if you’d moved like I did to put 1% of your portfolio into bitcoin when I first suggested doing so, you’d already have more than a triple on your hands. I’ve been slowly but surely buying more bitcoin when it crashed and I have been accepting bitcoin as payment at to build up even more. Obviously, I think there’s still more upside and potential for bitcoin in years to come and I’m investing time and energy in the digital currency too.

Indeed, I think  the single best BitCoin page on the Internet is on the Scutify bitcoin page, which includes all the latest bitcoin news, tweets and prices. it is quickly becoming one of our site’s most popular pages, as interest climbs.

We’ve also been working on the different methods of buying bitcoin., Let me tell you first and foremost — it’s not easy to buy bitcoin. 

I actually could picture bitcoin going up another 10-fold versus the dollar if all those Bitcoin Evolution investment businesses and systems get approval and go mainstream. If not, there’s certainly downside potential in bitcoin versus the dollar so let’s not speculate very aggressively no matter what. Currency speculation is risky, always. Certainly this bitcoin stuff is extra risky while it remains so cutting edge.

To buyominex bitcoin , we’ve used several different platforms, but Ominex will allow you to buy them directly from your bank account and that was probably the easiest route we found so far. Even so, it will take up to four business days for the bitcoin to be available in your Ominex account. We’ve also used and and even others, but they are all just as difficult to set up.

What Is A Bitcoin Wallet ?

OMINEX the Blockchain Wallet and Compliant Token creations and innovations to be offered to the public is the one to watch.

We like to look at it as Online Monetary Internet Exchange or OMINEX

ominexThere are several Crypto Wallets, but nothing compares to OMINEX.  Key points to understand (And be sure to GO HERE to get your own OMINEX Wallet set up):

  • Works Everywhere:  OMINEX the Blockchain Wallet and Compliant Token Solution an can be used on the web with desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. 
  • Safe Private Keys: We don’t store “private keys”, so we don’t control investor funds or tokens at anytime.  This keeps tokens as safe as possible.
  • KYC (Or Know Your Customer protocols): We have built in KYC so that each investor must enter valid profile information to continue and purchase tokens.
  • Supports All Tokens: We support Bitcoin and all Ethereum ERC20 compataible tokens.  This represents over 2000 and counting.  We will be adding other currencies as we grow.
  • Pay In Any Currency: Pay in dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency via our built in exchanges.   Transfer money to anywhere at any time, it’s up to you.
  • Compliant: KYC, investor accreditation, net income/net worth, subscription agreements, and more.

Why use Ominex for your token offering?

  • Avoid Legal Problems: Ominex takes care of compliance so you don’t have to worry about it, and we serve as a trusted third party record keep for record keeping.
  • Increase Revenue: Our platform increases ominexrevenue. It is compliant so investors trust you.  We make it easy to learn and use.

Ominex – Regulation Ready

Raise unlimited funds from accredited investors with SAFTs and offerings with our SEC and FINRA compliant Reg. D 506(c) solutions.  We are taking reservations for our Reg A+ and Reg CF solutions now.  Investors are subject to their own country regulations, so we are building the “Open Compliance Project” to support international regulations, and will also be adding them regularly.

Easy Investing Process

 OMINEX the Blockchain Wallet and Compliant Token Solution makes purchasing tokens as easy as possible for investors. No longer do the need to follow an 8-page tutorial to purchase cryptocurrencies.  We offer an easy to understand app with  compliance built-in.   Ominex is easy to learn and use, and can be added to any existing website with a widget.


Ominex supports BitCoin, Ethereum, all ERC20 compatible tokens used in ICOS, and will be adding support for more platforms as we grow. Use Ominex for new or existing tokens and make things easier for your tokenholders, click here to list your token.

Currencies and Apps

OMINEX the Blockchain Wallet and Compliant Token Solution is easy-to-use. Its a consumer interface for decentralized apps. We plan on offering access to vetted blockchain based services like loans, banking, insurance, and more.

ominexOMINEX the Blockchain Wallet and Compliant Token Solution has what you need for a compliant token offering.

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